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What do you know about cannabinodiol? | simplyCBDoil

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Obrázek příspěvku: What do you know about cannabinodiol?

What do you know about cannabinodiol?

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For how many active ingredients in the cannabis plant, humanity has so far been able to really deal with only a few. Only for a few decades researchers have been researching the plant with scientific methods and trying to fathom its health-promoting properties.

For a long time there were not many places in the world where cannabis research was possible from the legal situation. But gradually the individual substances of the hemp plant are examined and their pharmacological properties are scrutinized. Thus, the plant reveals more and more of its many active ingredients.

More and more cannabinoids are being researched and have medical benefits

We already know a lot about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). And the medical benefits of the cannabinoids cannabigerol (CBG), cannabis romaine (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN), there is already some information. There are also oils especially from CBG, comparable to CBD oil, with which you can do something good for your health. But there are other cannabinoids to discover that can also be of great value to humans, such as cannabinodiol.

CBND is made from cannabinol

The phytocannabinoid cannabinoidiol (CBND) is a fully flavored derivative, a variation of CBD. It is sometimes called cannabidinodiol (CBDL). In 1977, it was first isolated by Robert Lousberg. In low concentrations, CBND is found in the flowers of the female cannabis plant. It is produced as a product of the photochemical conversion of cannabinol (CBN), ie by the influence of light. Like tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol it has psychotropic properties.

The medical benefits of CBND

Cannabinodiol is only slowly becoming interesting for medicine. Therefore, little is known about the pharmacological properties of cannabinoid except that it is psychoactive in a similar manner to THC or perhaps tetrahydrocannabivarin. Meanwhile, there is increasing evidence that CBND can be used to treat neuropsychiatric disorders. The compound classified as phytocannabinoid, which is isolated from Lebanese hashish, is said to improve cognitive function in those affected. Whether cannabinodiol will play an even greater role in medical applications in the future will only have to be proven by further investigations.



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