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CBD Oil - What can the miracle cure?

CBD oil is the abbreviation for cannabidiol oil. This is a hemp extract oil - without intoxicating effect. However, you can use the oil to relieve health problems. Because the hemp extract oil has an analgesic effect and balances the moods of the psyche. Hemp extract is obtained from the hemp flower. These plants hardly contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) because CBD oil must not contain THC. Otherwise it is under the Narcotics Act. Therefore, CBD oil is made from hemp plants that contain a lot of cannabidiol. The compositionBy adding a base oil, hemp extract oil also contains hempseed oil. Cannabidiol, flavonoids and more than 50 substances of cannabinoids are detectable in the hemp extract. It contains no substances that are responsible for a noise effect. Relieve discomfortYou can use CBD oil to relieve many ailments. Unfortunately, we can not make any medically relevant promises in connection with CBD because of the current legal situation.As there are always new positive news from medicine and research and a number of studies indicate the positive effects, you can find many interesting articles on the net.The application CBD oil can be used both externally and internally. Please always follow the recommendation of the manufacturer, if you intend to take the oil internally. So the drops are given in the morning and evening under the tongue. From experience, it makes sense to start with a small amount first. So you can watch how you get the drops. Then you can increase the amount slowly. The exact number of drops depends on the compatibility. Therefore, you should always find out for yourself which dose helps you. side effectsIn general, CBD oil is well tolerated. Nevertheless, it is possible that you notice side effects. It can be fatigue, nausea or diarrhea. Where the signs such as more or less hungry are not clearly attributable to the drop. These effects also change the weight. You should ask a doctor if you can use the oil if you regularly take other medicines. Because even here, the effect of the drugs can be influenced. If you use the oil to rub the skin with it, then you can do a test before. If there is no change in the treated area then you can apply the oil. Since there are not enough studies with the oil, pregnant women and children should not use CBD oil. This also applies to the intake of the drops, because it is not known exactly how the oil in children affects the development and health. ConclusionYou can relieve or alleviate many health problems with CBD oil. If you want to buy the drops, then look for a good quality and best without THC. The drops are not prescription. You can buy the product yourself. You take no drugs with CBD Oil and you will not get intoxicated if you use CBD Oil. So you can not depend on the drops. Serious side effects are not known, however, a slight intolerance may occur. Taking hemp as a remedy is not new. The positive effect has been known for a long time. CBD oil is a real wonder drug. In many cases the effect has been proven in studies. The research is still not so far that there is the product as a drug. Source: CBD Öl - Was kann das Wundermittel? 12 Jul, 2018. Dostupné z: https://www.mrs-hanf.de/2018/07/12/cbd-%C3%B6l-was-kann-das-wundermittel/ source photo: https://pixabay.com/cs/

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CBD for the treatment of brain tumors

Recently, new study results were published in a research project at St. George's University of London in collaboration with the Dove Clinic. Dr. Julian Kenyon, dr. Wai Liu and Angus Dalleish demonstrate a reduction in the size of ependymomas, both in childhood (pediatric) and adults, through the medical use of cannabidiol. Ependymomas are defined as certain types of tumors that make up about 5 to 10% of all brain tumors (gliomas). In children, they are the third most common cancer of the central nervous system. As ependymomas of the cerebrum, they appear at any age, while in the posterior fossa they occur mainly in childhood, and in the spinal cord more in adulthood. Strong decline of tumor cellsA number of case studies of cancer patients were examined, including brain tumor patients. These were administered pharmaceutical grade quality oil based on a synthetic form of CBD. Data were collected and evaluated over four years as part of the treatment of 119 cancer patients at the Dove Clinic. In 92 percent of cases, CBD medication was seen to improve upon repeated brain scans. Either in the form of a reduction of the tumor cells that cause metastases (circulating tumor cells), or in the form of a reduction in tumor size. However, in brain tumors of adult patients who had lost their size due to CBD, the tumor continued to grow after discontinuation of cannabidiol, which then resumed treatment with the drug. According to the researchers, this study should not be entitled to comprehensive findings. It should rather be an impetus for further investigations, which are undoubtedly justified by the results. If convincing evidence is provided, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil can be made more widely available and cheaper, researchers hope. In the research on cannabis as a medicine, and on the therapeutic use of CBD in particular, there is still a lot of work to be done to understand which type of CBD oil is most effective and in which dose it can best produce the best effect , The many synergy effects with other treatment measures need to be further explored, as well as the effects of diet and lifestyle habits. Increased chances of survivalIn another study conducted by British biopharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals, cannabis (1: 1) agents were administered to one group of brain tumor patients, one to another. Both were given in addition to the respective standard therapy in patients with particularly poor survival prognoses (the patients had relapsing glioblastoma multiforme, called GBM for short). While almost half of the patients in the placebo group did not survive the following year (47 percent), the drug group had a survival rate of 83 percent over the same period. On average, one patient survived the drug group for 550 days and one member of the placebo group only 369. No "do-it-yourself" medicineThe cautionary note, which I already pronounce for less severe illnesses, is all the more important in the case of cancer and similarly serious illnesses. If you have a bad illness, first of all you should consult the specialist for his diagnosis. In the case of illness, it should be refrained from experimenting on its own with any CBD oils around. The study's leaders expressly point out the differences in the qualities of various oils, so it is by no means advisable to self-medicate without consultation with the doctor. Source: GLASMANN, Dieter Klaus. CBD zur Behandlung von Hirntumoren. 1 [online]. 5 Oct, 2018]. Dostupné z: https://www.hanf-magazin.com/medizin/cannabinoide/cbd-in-der-medizin/cbd-zur-behandlung-von-hirntumoren/ source photo: https://pixabay.com/cs/

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Is CBD suitable for children?

Cannabis contains many pharmacologically interesting properties, which are primarily responsible for two groups of substances, cannabinoids and terpenes. Among the cannabinoids, Δ9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC for short, has been of particular interest over the last decades, especially in the area of ​​consumption. Only a few years ago, a second cannabinoid has been recognized by science and the public, making it the most interesting agent of hemp for many people today, especially for those who do not want it intoxicating. Of course we are talking about cannabidiol (CBD), a molecular compound that can have a lot of medicinal functions without the psychoactive effects that THC has. Cannabidiol is harmless and healthy at the same timeSince CBD has proven to be very useful and harmless, legal cannabinoid has made it into a variety of health-promoting agents for external and internal use. Whether for consumption in food or dietary supplements, or even applied to the skin by ointments, tinctures or creams, CBD has become the trend of the health and wellness industry. In addition, it remains interesting for medical research and practice. Epilepsy, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD and many other diseases can be treated successfully with cannabidiol. The contradictory treatment of CBDSome of the conditions for which CBD promises relief, such as epilepsy and ADHD, affect children in particular. Entering specialty stores whose product ranges are CBD cannabis products, however, may generally be entered only from the age of 18 years. Thus, it is quite understandable that some people are unsure about whether CBD can cause harm to children. If it is not psychoactive and harmless, can it then be administered to a child on a private basis, so that it also benefits from the health benefits? Do you have to hide your CBD products from your children, or can you keep them accessible to them? How compatible is the safety of cannabidiol with the age restrictions that CBD shops are subject to? Cannabidiol in public and legal perceptionTo understand these circumstances, one has to take a closer look at several factors. The legal situation that exists for CBD is due to the fact that cannabidiol is still an active ingredient derived from cannabis. This and the THC content which is often present in CBD products, even if in very low concentrations, justify the age restrictions for CBD shops. Of course, the fact that they mostly sell smokers and smokers in addition to CBD oils and Co. is also a good reason not to let minors into the shops. Thus, the legal position for CBD could change in parts insofar as an assortment includes only products with no THC content and no goods associated with smoking or other non-intoxicating cannabis applications. Health food stores or pharmacies offering hemp products are not subject to such age restrictions. It is therefore also a question of the milieu, with which the CBD products surround themselves, whether they are perceived as health-promoting or as questionable. Safety of CBD is confirmed by WHOAfter intensive research into the substance, the World Health Organization WHO has declared Cannabidiol safe to use. No adverse health effects or risks associated with the use of CBD could be identified during the studies carried out by the WHO itself. This means in plain language that you could not prove any side effects or the like. This makes CBD safer than most drugs that are available in the pharmacy over the counter. So who would give his child an ibuprofen in pain or aspirin, which should also be able to safely administer CBD, if the child has a condition that can be positively influenced by CBD. Is CBD suitable for children only as a remedy or as a nutritional supplement?The fact that CBD can help children suffering from epilepsy, for example, or other serious ailments has been proven by numerous studies and is now also relatively well-known through reports that have become public. However, many people may believe that they need to keep their CBD products away from their children. This is not the case, because CBD is also excellent for children for general health promotion. For example, if children are sleeping badly, or are suffering from anxiety, or are generally tormented by restlessness, cannabidiol can help them relax and sleep well. Even in children diagnosed with ADHD, CBD can be used effectively to prevent treatment with Ritalin. CBD can easily be integrated into a child's everyday life without the impression of medication. Many of the very natural products can be used to prepare drinks and food. Source: GLASMANN, Dieter Klaus. Ist CBD für Kinder geeignet? 1 [online] Dec, 2018, Dostupné z: https://www.hanf-magazin.com/medizin/cannabinoide/cbd-in-der-medizin/ist-cbd-fuer-kinder-geeignet/ source photo: https://pixabay.com/cs/folder_openPřiřazené štítky

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Hemp protein for muscle growth - what are the benefits?

Children in growth, strength athletes and seniors - for some people, proteins in the diet are particularly important. An increased need supports those affected best with protein powder. But instead of powder from animal raw materials, herbal products can provide the desired nutrients. Hemp protein is currently very much in vogue here. What are its advantages, you will learn in the following: Who needs extra proteins at all?Proteins are the building materials of our body and, above all, form our muscles. No wonder then that strength athletes and bodybuilders have an increased need. While an unsportsmanlike person manages with about one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight every day, the human powerhouses need about 1.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram. To meet this amount, a 90-pound bodybuilder would have to eat 800g of beef steak a day. On the other hand, the increased protein intake works lighter and healthier with protein powders from whey, soy and hemp. What's so special about hemp protein?About 100 years ago, the German nutritionist Karl Thomas developed the model of the biological value of protein. It generally ranked animal foods higher than herbal foods and stuck in the minds of consumers for a long time. Today researchers know that this equation does not correspond to reality. The WHO is using the amino acid index (PDCAAS), currently a completely revised scale, which shows that plants such as soy exceed beef in their biological value for the human body. But also hemp has a comparable protein quality as soy. In particular, the following amino acids contain hemp seeds in a high proportion:isoleucineleucinelysinemethioninephenylalaninethreoninetryptophanvalineHemp or soy - what makes the difference?Even in the body-building scene you can find the trend towards a vegan diet. Not surprisingly, considering how much cholesterol and fat it brings with it to try to meet high protein requirements with animal products. Not to mention dubious housing conditions. Therefore, strength athletes like to choose soy products as a vegan protein powder variant. But this raw material has its own disadvantages. Since today's soybean varieties are optimized for beef and pork fattening, it has often been genetically modified. In addition, soybean cultivation is ecologically dubious if it falls victim to huge rainforest areas in South America. Which ingredients are still in hemp protein?Although the hemp seeds are degreased for the production of hemp protein, the powder still contains about 10 percent fat. Hemp is particularly rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. In addition, both fats are contained in hemp seeds in a particularly favorable ratio. Today, research knows that many inflammatory reactions in the body can be attributed to an overhang of omega-6 fats. It could thus be an essential risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases. In the western diet, we sometimes take in 15 to 20 times the amount of omega-6 fatty acids compared to omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, a ratio of 5: 1 is recommended. Hemp seeds are even slightly lower with a ratio of 3: 1 and help to compensate for nutritional errors. Which dose is recommended?As already recommended: If you practice weight lifting intensively, you should consume 1.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. And not just on training days. Ideally, you use a nutrition calculator to calculate how much protein your daily meals will provide. What is missing then, you can balance with hemp protein powder. The powder tastes best with its nutty and earthy flavor in smoothies, shakes and cereals. What do I have to look for when shopping?You should buy hemp protein only in organic quality and pay attention to a certified cultivation and regular pollutant examinations. Since hemp protein contains around 10 percent fat, you should store the powder in the refrigerator after it has opened so that it does not turn rancid. Source: GLASMANN, Dieter Klaus. Hanfprotein für den Muskelaufbau - was sind die Vorteile? 1 [online].Jul 24, 2019. Dostupné z: https://fivebloom.de/blogs/cbd-news/hanfprotein-fur-muskelaufbau source photo: https://pixabay.com/cs/

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